Who is Heval?

As a filmmaker, I have 15 years of experience in film and digital marketing. In these years, I developed and managed many commercial strategies for many big brands, film, and other production from the script to the editing stage. I have attended film festivals with my independent short films and got awards. I have taken part in teams of big TV networks and blockbuster films. I have organized workshops, masterclasses, events, and made podcasts for enthusiasts of filmmaking.

As a developer, I have founded Turkey's largest filmmaker platform for 13 years, and I have managed for both the technical side and content. In these years, I have gained some technical skills such as Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Python, Django; and some soft skills such as communication, presentation, organization, PR, teaching, targeting, managing growth. However, after a while, knowing just what I needed wasn't enough, and I have decided to focus more on my developer side, which shaped up spontaneously. Thus, I have been focused on developing software for a few years and working on my projects.

As an entrepreneur, I established and managed a boutique agency called Parazit Film & Digital Workz in 2009 in the marketing industry. We have worked with many industry leader companies. I am accepted to the entrepreneurship projects of institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Anadolu Foundation, and Endeavor. I have also been in organizations as a volunteer and in projects related to women entrepreneurship such as Bizbizze as a speaker for contributing to the community.


🎬 Bachelor of Arts (BA), Cinema-TV, Marmara University

πŸŽ› Associate of Science (AS), Electronic and Communication, Ankara University


πŸ–₯ Python Programming Career Track (MOOC), Datacamp

πŸ–₯ Python3 Programming Specialization (MOOC), Michigan University

🧩 Social Entrepreneurship (MOOC), Copenhagen Business School


β›“ The Women of Value Developing Istanbul, Anadolu Foundation

πŸ”— 10.000 Women Entrepreneur, Goldman Sachs & Γ–zyeğin University

🎨 Create Up : Entrepreneurs of Creative Industries, Endeavor Turkey & The Foundation of Entrepreneurship


πŸ–₯ Python3. Django. Pandas. Selenium. HTML5. CSS3. SQL. MongoDB. Wordpress.

🎬 Directing. Producing. Screenwriting. Festival Consulting. Directing of Photography. Editing. Motion Graphics.


πŸ–₯🎬 Parazit Film & Digital Workz | Founder. Director. Developer.

πŸ–₯🎬 KΔ±sa Δ°yidir | Founder. Creator. Festival Curator. Developer.

🎬 Independent Films | Director. Producrer. Screenwriter. Editor.

🎬 Film Industry | 1AD. 2AD. Casting. Screenwriter. Cameraman. Editor.

🎬 NTV | Intern @ Camera Departmant

🎬 Radio Cumhuriyet | Intern @ Radio Producing

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