Word Analyser

A web app developed in Python and Django that analyzes given text.

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Every day we are exposed to a lot of information, data, and articles on the internet. Therefore, the way they use a language is one of the essential factors that affect our lives and psychology. The most frequently used nouns, definitions, adjectives, show the quality of the writing. So I wrote a little web application that explores a text and analyzes a fundamental mathematical analysis. However, I wanted to take the project a step further and make an emotional analysis of the language used. Thus, I had the text analyzed as content based on the words considered as positive and negative. 


Check the source code on Github



The application analyzes the following values in the given text:

  • Total number of characters
  • Total number of sentences
  • Total number of words
  • Number of words not evaluated (like "the", "and", "but" words)
  • Words with a positive meaning
  • Negative meaning words
  • Words that do not have a positive or negative meaning
  • Words sorted by frequency of use (except words not evaluated)


Papers about sentiment words :

  • Minqing Hu and Bing Liu. "Mining and Summarizing Customer Reviews." Proceedings of the ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-2004), Aug 22-25, 2004, Seattle, Washington, USA,
  • Bing Liu, Minqing Hu, and Junsheng Cheng. "Opinion Observer: Analyzing and Comparing Opinions on the Web." Proceedings of the 14th International World Wide Web conference (WWW-2005), May 10-14, 2005, Chiba, Japan.


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